New Name | Same Team | Deeper Meaning

Foster Avenue. That’s the new name you’ll now see on this website and any communications from our team. After 40 years as Snavely Associates, we see how radically our industry has changed in just the last five years. We’ve responded — with a dynamic approach that requires a new name to capture who we are and what sets us apart.

So why “Foster Avenue?”

  • For nearly 35 years, our firm’s home was an office on Foster Avenue. It’s a neighborhood that’s vibrant, diverse, and constantly evolving, like the advancement industry itself — and like our firm. That makes our new name both timely and timeless: it reflects our four-decade immersion in campaign communications while also capturing our readiness to think anew.
  • To “foster” something is to encourage or cultivate its best qualities — an idea that’s right in line with our approach. As consultants, our role is to foster enhanced organizational capacity for fundraising, communication, and outreach. By providing the tools and expertise that teams need to succeed, we help clients reach new heights of philanthropic impact.
  • An “avenue” is a path to a destination — a fitting symbol for our journey with each new client. An avenue is a place of community, unity, and connection, reflecting our firm’s commitment to collaborative, long-lasting relationships.

In the end, our name change is more than a simple rebrand. It’s a recommitment to our mission, vision and values — all updated for a new era.

We believe that philanthropic success — especially in a campaign — depends not just on the mechanics of fundraising but on the message and messengers behind it. That’s why, increasingly, our business is not simply to create communications tools but to help clients build new internal capabilities. We have redesigned our services to help client teams develop a truly resonant value proposition, establish message fluency, leverage donor data and collaborate cross-campus. The result: team momentum that endures well beyond achieving your monetary goals.

Foster Avenue. It’s a place. It’s an idea. It’s a destination. We hope you’ll meet us there.

Effective May 1, 2023 — Snavely Associates is now named Foster Avenue. We have updated this post accordingly.

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